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We have compiled a list of Lifetime Deals and Alternatives to: Saleshandy.

Let’s examine each of these tools and see what’s the best solution for you.


Saleshandy is a tool for Cold Email Outreach ensuring high deliverability which helps your business grow with some advanced feature.

SalesBlink is an AI-powered outreach tool that lets you generate and send cold emails that land directly in your lead’s inbox.
GoZen Growth helps you boost email deliverability using automatic warm-up, smart campaign features, and push notifications.
Outboundly is an email outreach platform that helps you personalize cold emails, boost deliverability, and streamline communication.
ReachInbox helps you scale cold email outreach with unlimited warm-ups, tailored sequences, workspaces, and a centralized inbox.
Success.AI is a cold outreach platform that offers unlimited email accounts and a massive B2B leads database to help you scale fast.
Upscale is a sales engagement platform that automates sales outreach by using multiple channels to book more meetings.
FindThatLead is an all-in-one B2B lead gen tool that makes it easy to prospect, manage, and connect with potential clients.
Mailyser is an AI-powered toolkit that lets you improve your email deliverability and sender reputation with machine learning algorithms.
SendNow is a cold email outreach tool with features for enhanced deliverability and cold email automation.
ZeroIn lets you collect targeted business data from LinkedIn and then verify emails to use for your outreach campaigns.
RAYZO is a Chrome plugin that imports profiles from LinkedIn to automate lead generation and contact management.
Omni is an email outreach platform that automates campaigns, writes email scripts, and boosts deliverability with warmup software.
HeyReach is an agency-first LinkedIn outreach tool that lets you safely scale your outreach with multiple accounts at once.
Hexospark is an email and CRM platform that lets you send personalized, 1:1 outreach emails to leads at scale with a unified inbox.
Closely is a cloud-based lead engagement platform for LinkedIn with dedicated residential proxies. Put outreach activities on autopilot so you can focus on what matters the most — closing deals.
Breakcold is a sales CRM that helps you build and nurture B2B relationships through LinkedIn, Twitter, and email in one place.

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