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BreezeDoc is a document-signing solution that makes it easy for you to collect signatures on contracts and agreements.
Email Meter is an email analytics platform that provides critical KPIs to maximize productivity for Gmail users.
Varolio is an AI-powered inbox packed with automations that help busy people save hours every week.
Dropboard is a hiring platform that makes it easy to embed jobs, build custom forms, and assess candidates.
CQ Business Management Software lets you keep track of projects, leads, metrics, and expenses, all in one place.
Jestor helps you build internal tools for your business using over 200 native, no-code automations and integrations.
Sidekick Browser is a productivity browser that keeps distractions away and protects your privacy online, to speed up your workflow.
GAJIX is a powerful AI learning assistant that helps you fully understand any subject.
Alvanda is a business management platform that helps teams collaborate, streamline processes, and align with strategic goals.
DrLambda is an AI agent to help people create professional contents, including slides and social posts.
Beep is a feedback annotation tool that lets you leave comments on any website and turn them into tasks for your team.
VirtlX is an engagement platform that lets you train employees, survey customers, and collect the data you need to scale your business.
Whelm is a platform designed to help freelancers simplify client feedback, invoicing, contracts, and project management.
Timetics is an AI scheduling tool that creates and organizes seating arrangements for meetings, seminars, expos, and virtual events.
Empiraa is an easy-to-use business planning and execution tool that helps turn your static plans into action steps.
BeforeSunset is an AI task manager that helps you plan your day, sync with your team, and track analytics to work smarter over time.
Commented lets your team collaborate directly on live apps and web pages, streamlining the entire review process.
Kirmada is a browser-based productivity tool that organizes projects and clients into feature-packed Workspaces.
Xembly is an AI executive assistant that can manage scheduling, take meeting notes, and store all your tasks for maximum productivity.
AITable is an AI-powered platform that lets you build powerful database apps for better project management and CRMs.
Hypertype is an AI-powered Chrome extension that can draft email replies using contextual information and company data.
Morningmate is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate and manage their work on a social media-style interface.
BoloForms lets you create signable documents, collect e-signatures, and organize everything in one place.
nTask is project management software for SMB that enables your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze and deliver projects with success.
StoryShots is the microlearning app that gives you thousands of text, audio, and animated book summaries.
StoriesOnBoard is a story-mapping tool that helps product teams identify, manage, and validate ideas throughout development.
MetaSpark is a project management tool that lets you outsource admin tasks to AI, so you can boost productivity and scale your business.
Boost.Space is a data centralization platform that supercharges your business, organizing your data that is scattered all over, into a central database that works as a great starting point for effective teamwork, cross-platform automation and integration
Stackby lets you create a work management platform with customizable spreadsheet-style databases, API connectors, and no-code automations.
Clinked is a white-label, customizable portal software that lets you manage clients, documents, and projects in one secure place.
Consolto is an all-in-one video conferencing and CRM platform designed to simplify, organize, and enhance remote sales and consultations.
FUSEBASE (formerly Nimbus Note) is a client collaboration platform that lets you build workflows that organize your team and boost client retention and satisfaction.
Flowlu is a complete suite of project and business management tools, including a CRM, invoicing, kanban board, white-label functionality, and client portal.
Boardmix is an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard that helps teams express their ideas visually for better communication and productivity.
Cosmos lets remote teams meet and collaborate in virtual office spaces with real-time audio, video, and chat features.
ClientManager lets you onboard and manage clients with template builders and project management tools.
Slideoo is an AI-powered slide deck builder that lets you create stunning presentations from scratch in just a few minutes.
Comigo is a cognitive AI Assistant that can turn brain dumps into actionable tasks, increase overall focus, and provide mentorship.
GetTerms is a privacy, terms, and cookie policy generator that lets you create custom, straightforward policies to keep your website and apps fully compliant.
Freedcamp is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate effectively and complete projects in a fraction of the time.
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