Hipclip Lifetime Deal: Create short videos with AI

If you're looking for information on the Hipclip Lifetime Deal and Review, you've come to the right place. The Hipclip Lifetime Deal was launched on AppSumo with a significant discount, and in this post, we'll share all the details of the deal. We'll cover what the lifetime deal entails, what features are included, and whether or not we think it's worth taking advantage of. By the end of this post, you'll have everything you need to know about the Hipclip Lifetime Deal so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for you.


Create social media videos with AI

Edit videos faster and create viral shorts with this AI-powered clip maker

Transcribe. Edit. Resize. Caption. Publish.

Create and repurpose content for social media in minutes and for a fraction of cost.

Transcribe content in 35 languages

Uncover the untapped potential of your audio and video content. Convert speech into text in over 35 languages and utilize it to generate blog posts, social media quotes, and other forms of content.

Find best moments with AI

Quit spending time looking for the ideal moment. Hipclip gives you the ability to effortlessly recognize and cut out the most engaging moments in your videos.

Edit videos like a word doc

Effortlessly edit your media files as if they were text documents. Hipclip converts your videos into editable text, making it easy to rearrange, trim, and apply visual effects.

Create shorts, tiktoks, and reels

Produce compelling content without the need for editors or designers. Adjust video sizes for social media and enhance them with carefully selected professional templates. Alternatively, craft a unique style in just a few minutes.


Tier 1



CheckTranscribe content in 35+ languages

CheckAll future languages

Check4 hours hours of transcription (video input) per month

CheckNo Hipclip watermark

Check4K video output resolution

Tier 2



CheckTranscribe content in 35+ languages

CheckAll future languages

Check10 hours hours of transcription (video input) per month

CheckNo Hipclip watermark

Check4K video output resolution

Tier 3



CheckTranscribe content in 35+ languages

CheckAll future languages

Check25 hours hours of transcription (video input) per month

CheckNo Hipclip watermark

Check4K video output resolution

Tier 4



CheckTranscribe content in 35+ languages

CheckAll future languages

Check40 hours hours of transcription (video input) per month

CheckNo Hipclip watermark

Check4K video output resolution


  • Clip and trim your videos in a text-based video editor interface—no timelines
  • Create social media clips from your long-form content automatically with AI
  • Best for Marketing agencies, Podcasters, Social media marketers
  • Alternative to Descript
Hipclip is an AI-powered video editor that lets you trim, caption, and repurpose audio or video files.

Are you tired of spending hours editing video content? Look no further than Hipclip, an AI-powered video editor that streamlines the editing process for social media clips. With its innovative features, Hipclip is a game-changer for marketing agencies, podcasters, and social media marketers.

1. Simplified Editing Interface

Say goodbye to complicated timelines and hello to a text-based video editor interface. Trim and clip your videos effortlessly without the hassle of traditional editing tools.

2. Automatic Social Media Clip Creation

Transform long-form content into engaging social media clips with the help of AI. Hipclip automates the process, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content.

3. Seamless Integration with Cloud Storage

Easily import video and audio files from cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Access your media files directly within the editor for added convenience.

4. AI-Powered Speech Pattern Analysis

Hipclip’s AI technology analyzes speech patterns, providing valuable insights to enhance the quality of your content. Eliminate filler words and awkward pauses with just a click.

5. Subtitle Generation for Accessibility

Enhance the accessibility of your videos by automatically generating subtitles. Ensure that your content is inclusive and engaging, even with the sound off.

In conclusion, Hipclip empowers content creators to efficiently edit and repurpose their video and audio files for maximum impact on social media. Say goodbye to tedious editing processes and hello to a seamless editing experience with Hipclip.


Seamless editing experience: Customers praise the seamless editing experience offered by Hipclip, making it easy and efficient to edit videos.

Efficient functionality: Users appreciate the efficient functionality of Hipclip, allowing for smooth and effective video editing.

Potential for creating engaging video content: The software has the potential to create engaging video content, which is highly valued by customers.


Occasional interface confusion: Some users have experienced occasional interface confusion, which can be a drawback in terms of user experience.

Limited video resizing options: The limited options for video resizing have been noted as a downside, as it may restrict creative freedom for some users.

Irrelevant AI clips and cut-off captions: The AI-generated clips were reported to be irrelevant and cut off halfway through, impacting the overall usability of the product.


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